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Our training receives great feedback.

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“I have really enjoyed learning the MoodMaster course. I feel confident I will be able to deliver this to my patients and feel they will benefit from it.”

Paula Carpenter, CPN

“Fantastic course, well taught by facilitator. Will benefit both with work and in personal life what I have learnt.”

Shelly Dobson, Support Worker

“Excellent course, very well presented and delivered. Really enjoyed the content, found it very beneficial and am looking forward to applying it in my role. The whole three days were a pleasure.”

Stephen Mitchell, Recovery Worker

“I feel this course was fantastic and I have learnt a great deal and it has been very beneficial to me in my job role. Kelly delivered this course amazingly. She is a brilliant teacher and I have thoroughly enjoyed every day and the content and pace was brilliant.”

Shelly Dobson, Support Worker

“I found the MoodMaster training to be really good and I am looking forward to delivering sessions with service users when I am sure will benefit immensely.”

Kay Paynter, Recovery Practitioner

“Having completed APT courses in the past, I felt confident that the tutor/content and relevance to what I was aiming to learn would be more than adequate to my needs.”

Sandra Hardy, Case Manager

“This group is amazing; I have benefitted from it so much. It has helped me cope with my mental health problems, and everything I have learned will continue to help me for the rest of my life. I would recommend this course to anyone with mental health problems and even people just generally having difficulty day-to-day. Thank you.”

Jamie Stonelake, MoodMaster Member

“I really enjoyed this course and feel it will benefit the people I am working with as part of my employment. I really like the resources that are available to use when presenting the course and have found it invaluable to have been able to practise using them. The tutor was approachable and had excellent knowledge.”

Jodie Newsome, Social Worker/Case Manager

“A great course and I can't wait to get started facilitating MoodMaster groups.”

Michael Dixon, Volunteer Coordinator

“Really relevant training - definitely something that will be used and valuable in my line of work.”

Kelly Leach, Youth and Community Worker

“A brilliant course. Helped me personally as well as professionally. Excited to start using and delivering it. Great resources - very easy to use, very little prep time required which is so important. Tutor was amazing - very informative, lovely teaching style and lovely lady. Thank you for a great 3 days - sad it is over!”

Emily Bywater, Community Capacity Worker

“I really enjoyed this course, it was fantastic and uplifting. The trainer was brilliant and I feel ready to embrace MoodMaster.”

Karen Martina, Managing Director

“Fantastic course - very beneficial and brilliantly facilitated by the tutor. She kept it very interesting and offers a brilliant delivery on the content.”

Gaynor Lester, Recovery Worker

“I really enjoyed this course, it was fantastic and uplifting. The trainer was brilliant and I feel ready to embrace MoodMaster.”

Karen Martina, Managing Director

“A very informative and inspirational course I got a lot out of the sessions and very much look forward to running the MoodMaster sessions.”

Sophie Tyler, Support Worker, Level 2

“Really wonderful course, this was incredibly useful for the families I work with. It was led at a great pace, fun and interactive. I would highly recommend this course to thers. Thank you for a great few days.”

Kate Millington, Parenting Key Worker

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course and am looking forward to delivering it with our families. I would recommend the training and course to everyone! Thank you so much for such an enjoyable few days - this has been the best course I have ever attended.”

Michelle Clarke, Team Coordinator

“This course is exactly what I wanted to be trained in to provide support for the families I support and it exceeded its expectations in content. It is user friendly, facilitator friendly with invaluable exercises, topics and opportunity for service users to improve their emotional wellbeing. The facilitator was informative and knowledgeable making the whole experience worthwhile. Thank you.”

Ann-Marie Creery, Parenting Key Worker

“I really enjoyed the training and I cannot wait to start the groups. It is presented very well. I would highly recommend it!”

Samantha Daniels, Support Worker

“I was inspired by the concept of MoodMaster and feel it is highly relevant to current NHS Mental Health agendas in the UK. I also feel that the website is well designed and accessible for professionals.”

Nella Tily, Occupational Therapist

“Oh my goodness where do I start. It was brilliant. Enjoyable training and I can't wait to run a course.”

Peryn Morgan, Locality North Manager PMHSS

“All Mental Health practitioners should have training in MoodMaster.”

Claire Jehu, Mental Health Practitioner

“What better recommendation - a course that I thoroughly enjoyed, learnt so much, great tutor, great teamwork and knowledge that I can use to help other people gain enjoyment in their lives and as the poster says 'put a bit of sparkle back into your life'. Great stuff! Thank you.”

Janice Laverick, Trainer (NHS Recovery College)

“I can't praise the course highly enough. I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Extremely well presented. It's been highly informative and I feel as if I've learnt a great deal about MoodMaster and the benefits as well as other psychological information. And what can I say, the food was absolutely fab!”

Laura Hardy, Mental Health Worker

“Excellent course. Concise, good information. Right balance of content and practice. Feel ready immediately to move forward with groups. Supportive environment created.”

Robert Callen-Davies, Counsellor

“The course was very well presented and included practice from early on. The emphasis on practice ensured that the participants completed the course feeling confident in our ability to effectively run MoodMaster groups. Excellent resources and reassuring to know interventions are evidence-based.”

Heather Murray, Counsellor

“I really enjoyed this course ... The course was so well presented that I am unable to anything negative to say. I am excited to put this into practice.”

Course Delegate

“Really well structured course and group programme. Well put together package which encompasses all the most effective strategies for people - ourselves included. The repetition of role-play practice helped to build our confidence and the facilitator was constructive in his feedback and encouraging. Really enjoyed it.”

Catherine Bradfield, Clinical Psychologist

“Really enjoyed the course. Format was excellent. Improved my area and enthusiasm for running groups in my clinical area. As I have used a CBT approach throughout my practice for many years, I am impressed by the structure of the programmes and feel it is something I will enjoy delivering and believe in for a successful outcome.”

Gillian Davies, Primary Care Mental Health Worker

“Really enjoyed the course. Found it relevant and inspiring. Looking forward to running the course.”

Victoria Keenan, Drugs Worker

“Fantastic course and staff. Felt very comfortable and welcomed. I have enjoyed the course and am now looking forward to starting the groups and sharing the MoodMaster experience with my work members and clients. Thank you.”

Clare Simpson, Substance Misuse Worker

“I have found the course well paced and interesting. Just what it said 'on the box'. Al needs provided for i.e. refreshments, comfortable rooms etc. All relevant and motivated to move to commence the groups.”

Nicola Catto, Counsellor

“Fantastic course - cannot wait to get it all started. Very relevant to client group. Would recommend this course to colleagues.”

Christine Eaton, Substance Misuse Practitioner

“This has genuinely been one of the most rewarding and beneficial courses that I have attended. I found it inspirational and it has had very positive effects on my enthusiasm. I am looking forward to implementing this course within my field of work (Substance Misuse) and have confidence in the benefits it will have on service users, staff and carers alike. I would like to say a big thank you for making this course so enjoyable - and for all of the cake!”

Shelly Dobson, Support Worker

“Very much enjoyed the course and looking forward to putting into practice what I have learned.”

Kate Leese, Project Manager

“The course was very well presented at a pace and style that was very effective with regard to my learning. The organisation and structure was first class and made the whole experience very rewarding and enjoyable. The aspect of interactive/experiential learning was particularly useful and really reinforced the learning. Overall an excellent training course with a very effective outcome. First class.”

Jim Fletcher, Senior Substance Misuse Practitioner

“Yes I have enjoyed the course. Great, easy to deliver structured package which will be in our ICT Team soon!”

Jackie Taylor

“I was reluctant to do the course as I did not think it would be relevant to my clients/work. However I am pleasantly surprised and extremely glad I have completed the course as I am now in the process of how I will apply it to my practice.”

Sue Gill, PD Specialist Practitioner

“I have enjoyed the subject very much, the content, the chronology, pace of the course. It was a very interesting, reflective, interactive course. The facilitator Dr William Davies has excellently conducted the course.”

Dr Tarik Al-Kubaisy, Consultant Psychiatrist

“I thought the course was very well presented, clear, practical and would be useful in my life as well as my work role ... Very beneficial and would recommend it. Liked the package - all in a file.”

Donna Jalam, Social Worker

“This is one of the best things I have done in ages. Not only for my career and my clients but also for myself maybe more so, which is good - I am really looking forward to starting my first group.”

Susie MacTaggart, Support Coordinator

“I thoroughly enjoyed the whole course and can see how useful and beneficial it could be to anybody and everybody. I really like its structure and material � I absolutely loved the tutor's manner, I wish I could plug in and download all of his knowledge!”

Sarah Humphries, Trainer

“I have really enjoyed the 3 days. The group have been really good fun and I have really enjoyed hearing from Will's experience and found the pace and the tone of the course just right. Thank you for a really fun and useful 3 days.”

Jane Taylor, Project Co-ordinator

“Excellent course, well presented and very appropriate to my work. Thoroughly enjoyable course, and I have gained a good insight into how the course can benefit clients that I work with whilst also using this on a more personal level. Thank you - one of the best courses that I have attended.”

Jayne Brogan, Support Worker

“It has been amazing, easy to follow and easy to learn. I now have much confidence in my own knowledge and ability to deliver. Thank you.”

Jo Goode, Steps Forward Coordinator

“I have already told the tutor that the course has or will, transform my life. Not only has it improved my mood personally and given me the tools to sustain this or use in times of difficulty, I envisage that it will transform my working life and I am going to try and change the focus of my work to delivering MoodMaster groups rather than as currently on one-to-one coaching style support. Most importantly being a participant and delivering MoodMaster has been highly enjoyable and is therefore likely to be sustainable and more positive than even the sum of its parts.”

Sarah Bellamy, Support Coordinator

“I found the course very interesting and enjoyable. I believe that all our service users will benefit from MoodMaster. The course was very well put together and presented. I would recommend this course to all people as I believe it takes us back to basics and gives individuals the basic tools and learning they need or have forgot/overlooked.”

Claire Knott, Substance Misuse Worker

“Thoroughly enjoyed all 3 days, revived my CBT skills and made me excited to practice them again in a structured way. I feel that all clients across the service will definitely benefit.”

Gaynor Hoden

“Completely enjoyed the whole course. Extremely relevant and will be invaluable and effective in improving the mental health of our client group and engaging people who would otherwise not participate in therapeutic work and groups.”

Phil Sykes, Care Coordinator

“Excellent. Thoroughly enjoyable and very well presented. Very relevant to my day to day work. The course has gone back to basics but really made me think.”

Suzy Bowes, Primary Care Alcohol Worker

“Really enjoyed the three days, very informative, looking forward to commencing the sessions.”

Dave Tossell, Care Coordinator

“Was excellent throughout and really enjoyed it. Thank you very much!”

Jane Church, Community Psychiatric Nurse

“Very well presented, interesting and beneficial. Knowing that Will is contactable for any guidance is worthwhile. I would recommend to colleagues and am looking forward to starting these groups.”

Trish Oldham, Substance Misuse Worker

“Fantastic course. The facilitator was knowledgeable and approachable. The pace, content, style and manner were encouraging. One of the best, if not the best course I have ever been on. Thank you!”

Sue Bagnall, Project Worker (Alcohol Services)

“One of the best courses I have been on. Really enjoyed it and found it all immensely interesting. Cannot wait to implement this back in the workplace.”

Reece Storr, Substance Misuse Practitioner

“Thoroughly enjoyable course. Well informed and friendly and approachable tutor and staff. Looking forward to the next one! Thank you.”

Joanna Dadge, Psychotherapist/Nurse

“Superb, enjoyable training made better with the individual members' personalities and contributions. I feel inspired to take this forward and eagerly anticipate change for service users. It is training which promotes a non-intrusive style of interventions, beneficial to all who invest in its potential. Well done.”

Andy Peet, Lecturer/Practitioner

“Course was really beneficial and thoroughly enjoyed it. Excellently presented and felt able to ask relevant questions. Really like MoodMaster model and will most definitely be using it. Thank you!”

Ella Potter, Staff Nurse

“Thoroughly enjoyed the course which was presented at just the right pace for me. The material and tutor was excellent and very professional. A great course that will hopefully benefit our client group (alcohol services). I felt well looked after and the refreshments/lunch were excellent.”

Lesley Wilkinson, Project Worker (Alcohol Services)

“Really enjoyed the course. It was enjoyable, practical, helpful and beneficial. I can see it being a great help to our patients on the triage ward. An easy, light, non-intrusive way to improve mental health.”

Rebecca McIntyre, RMN

“The course materials are very easy to read, easy to understand and well delivered to suit different learning styles. Open, relaxed approach. Structured, well prepared and easy to roll out.”

Clinical Nurse Manager

“The course was very beneficial with a lot of experiential learning mixed in with the formal teaching. Course materials are very good and of a high standard. Course pace was correct for the small learning group. Opportunity for reflection was built in and immediate.”

Sally Collingwood, Deputy Ward Manager

“Enjoyed this course and feel comfortable in running this group. The time was sufficient and allowed for plenty of discussion. I feel as a hospital we will benefit from this.”

Stephanie Rutherford, Senior Staff Nurse

“I really enjoyed and benefitted from the course. William made the course fun to learn and was excellent at teaching MoodMaster.”

Course Delegate

“Really enjoyed the course - all relevant and very interesting. Very well presented and succinct. Looking forward to facilitating the group(s) in the future.”

Course Delegate

“I have really enjoyed this course. I feel able to deliver the MoodMaster Programme professionally. I believe this will be a considerable development in the care/treatment at the hospital.”

Senior Staff Nurse

MoodMaster receives great feedback...

"This group is amazing; I have benefitted from it so much. It has helped me cope with my mental health problems, and everything I have learned will continue to help me for the rest of my life. I would recommend this course to anyone with mental health problems and even people just generally having difficulty day-to-day. Thank you."

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