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Become an effective MoodMaster Programme Leader.

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What are the benefits of being a MoodMaster Group Leader?

1. You attend a 3-day training course on how to run effective MoodMaster Programmes.

2. You can run any or all of 7 programmes, including: 28 Week Master Programme, Depression, Irritability and Anger, Building Emotional Resilience, Panic, Optimising mental health in the workplace, and Anxiety, Stress & Worry.

3. You can download excellent materials for your patients to keep, for each of the MoodMaster sessions.

4. You can enjoy being part of a group of (currently 90) professionals delivering effective MoodMaster input.

5. Every three months you submit the data on how your patients have progressed.

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What are the costs involved of becoming a MoodMaster Programme Leader?

Firstly, you need to attend a 3-day course on how to become an effective MoodMaster Programme Leader. The cost is £1,000 per person and entitles you to run any of the 7 MoodMaster programmes available, and download the materials you need to run them for a period of 12 months. To renew your license after this date, for a further 12 months, you can complete an online refresher course at a cost of £250 per person.
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What type of qualification does a group leader need?

You don’t need any formal qualifications, but you do need to be supported by an organisational framework. So, for example, you might be employed by an NHS Mental Health Trust, or a specialist mental health charity. And, even though the programme is pre-written, you also need to have a natural flair for communication and supporting people in groups.
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When can I attend the 3-day course for becoming a MoodMaster group leader?

   Online Live via Zoom.
   £1,000 per person.

Dates Available:
   8-10 July 2024
   22-24 Jan 2025
   7-9 July 2025

Note: If you would like more than one license, we can bring the course to your organisation and train a group of 4-8 people. The cost of this is £1,000 per person and includes all tutor expenses.
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or contact us to renew your current license.

MoodMaster receives great feedback...

"This group is amazing; I have benefitted from it so much. It has helped me cope with my mental health problems, and everything I have learned will continue to help me for the rest of my life. I would recommend this course to anyone with mental health problems and even people just generally having difficulty day-to-day. Thank you."

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