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Enabling professionals to deliver world-class programmes on mental health and wellbeing, direct to their clients.

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Provide People with what they want and need

MoodMaster is CBT based, as recommended by NICE guidelines. They are also written in line with CFT and ACT.

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Realise the full potential of your team

Everybody wants to deliver their full potential, and MoodMaster programmes give them the tools to do it.

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Raise the morale of your team

When people can see they are doing a good job their morale automatically follows the same upward path.

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Top quality materials to download and deliver to groups.

If you are looking for top quality material to deliver to groups, then you have found it. MoodMaster Programmes are written by The Association for Psychological Therapies (APT). Over 100,000 mental health professionals have attended APT post qualification training, and MoodMaster Programmes are designed to help you bring the most relevant and effective information direct to those who want it.
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Run any or all of seven structured programmes.

1. Depression.
2. Anxiety, Stress and Worry.
3. Irritability and Anger.
4. Building Emotional Resilience.
5. Panic.
6. Optimising mental health in the workplace.
7. 28 Week Master Programme.
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The input is based primarily on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, which is generally accepted as the leading approach in this sphere. For its success it relies upon the person (a) knowing key information and (b) acting on it. The programmes are designed to help you achieve both of those as quickly and easily for your patients as possible.
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The idea is simple.

Namely to provide suitable professionals with attractive, relevant, material they can run for groups of people. We know that people run groups already, but feel that in many cases the content could be better, the structure could be better, and the materials that group members receive could also be better. We know that many people, even those in in-patient psychiatric units, have not necessarily covered the basic skills such as how to organise your life, how to get a good night's sleep, how to manage your emotions, how to run rewarding relationships, and how to solve problems, to take just five examples.
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Covers important topics.

We hope that you will want to add to the MoodMaster story by training programme leaders to deliver MoodMaster sessions. We are convinced that MoodMaster Programmes cover the most important topics that people really should know about and that currently many people do not. We believe the potential benefit of delivering this material direct to those who need it is immense.
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MoodMaster receives great feedback...

"This group is amazing; I have benefitted from it so much. It has helped me cope with my mental health problems, and everything I have learned will continue to help me for the rest of my life. I would recommend this course to anyone with mental health problems and even people just generally having difficulty day-to-day. Thank you."

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