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MoodMaster Groups

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What is MoodMaster?

MoodMaster provides groups that give important input and reflection-time to people who wish to attend them. The aim is to provide world class information direct to you, the end user.

What happens in a MoodMaster session?

When you attend a MoodMaster session, you can expect anything from two to twelve other people to be there. The session will start off with the group leader introducing everybody and then inviting you to rate how you have been over the last week, out of ten. The group leader then collects those scores, keeping them confidential.

Then you get the chance to privately review your week, examining anything that has gone wrong and seeing if there is anything you could do to prevent that happening in future. Importantly, you also look at what has gone RIGHT, and examine how you can have that happen more often! The group leader will invite you to share anything you have thought, but you don’t have to.

Then you move on to the section where the group leaders presents a prepared topic (e.g. how to plan a rewarding life; or how to get a good night’s sleep; or how to maintain healthy relationships; or how to straighten out your thinking). The group leader leaves you with a prepared sheet on the topic in question, and a project to do during the next week.

In between those sections, the group leader will ask you how your previous week’s project went.

How many MoodMaster sessions can I attend?

This depends on how your group leader has set up the group. In many instances you can come until you feel you have achieved your purpose, then leave. In other instances the group leader will set a maximum number of sessions you may attend, often 12. In any event you can of course leave once you feel you have achieved your aims.

How often do sessions take place?

They are normally held weekly and last an hour or so.

Who runs MoodMaster sessions?

MoodMaster Group Leaders have a talent and interest in running programmes. They come from a range of professional backgrounds including Clinical Psychologists in the NHS, Mental Health Nurses in the NHS and Independent Facilities, Teachers, Educational Psychologists, and Mind.

Am I entitled to attend the sessions?

People who attend MoodMaster sessions do so for a variety of reasons. Some come because they are distressed in some way, and want to learn how to overcome that distress, but many also come because they simply want to learn about themselves and how to live at their peak performance.

MoodMaster receives great feedback...

"This group is amazing; I have benefitted from it so much. It has helped me cope with my mental health problems, and everything I have learned will continue to help me for the rest of my life. I would recommend this course to anyone with mental health problems and even people just generally having difficulty day-to-day. Thank you."

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